Alexandra is an early established theorist, surveyor and architect. Born Viennese she has moved to study Architecture in Brighton, UK. Though to shift her strengths from a practical analytical set of skills towards a clear theoretical approach of urban analysis, she then concluded a Contemporary Art Theory MA at Goldsmiths in London [2016-2017] and has been living there ever since.

Trying to introduce collective walking sessions, in order to allow to experience thresholds that are established within the city and collect analytical data to complete her study, which is working towards the construction of a resilient urban body and introduce such back into the contemporary city-scape, regaining its sensory understanding of the self within the urban.

“I wish to use the space as a platform to share the observations that I am collecting throughout the process. Allowing the walking sessions to be a medium that introduces the being within what is a pseudo reality and understand through such how to regain the right of our urban experience.”



Alexandra Gamrot, MA
RIBA Part 1